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A walk in bathtub is a tub that features a door on a hinge.This means that when the door is opening the user can just “walk in” instead of having to step or climb over a large threshold.These doors can either be an inward swing or an outward swing… typically the inward swing would be the standard since the water on the inside of the tub would push the door making the seal even stronger, but due to some recent design changes and critical engineering improvements the outward swing door is now available and works great!
The benefit of an outward swing walk in bathtub door is that it allows the user of the tub more room upon entering and exiting. The walk in bathtub will typically feature a very small threshold height for easy entrance and a secure locking mechanism to make sure there is no leaks! All of our walk in tubs are protected with a guarantee on the door seal… which means this door seal will never break or leak.
A walk in bathtub is perfect for an elderly person or arthritic person who has recently lost their ability to bathe on their own.Our walk in bathtubs allow the user to comfortably and easily step inside and bathe completely on their own, let the user be independent once again!
What features are available on your walk in bathtubs?
We stock a huge variety of tubs from many different manufacturers, so if there is a feature available… we have it! Typically a standard walkin bathtub will just be a “soaker” model. This means that it’s just meant to soak and bathe in with no fancy upgrades, like a standard bathtub.These models are typically featured at lower prices and are perfectly suitable for the customer on a budget.

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