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Where to buy bathroom vanities or - where is the best place to buy a bathroom vanity for lazy shoppers?

OK, I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy the process of looking for a bathroom vanity online.

I really don't. Some people were made for shopping, other people, like me just prefer hop online pick something out and get the whole thing da...

Where to buy bathroom vanities or - where is the best place to buy a bathroom vanity for lazy shoppers?

OK, I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy the process of looking for a bathroom vanity online.

I really don't. Some people were made for shopping, other people, like me just prefer hop online pick something out and get the whole thing darn thing over with, so I can get back to reruns of The Office.

So if you're an impatient shopper like me, you've come to the right place!

So let's start with some facts and figure out a few options and get this bathroom vanity shopping out of the way:

So who makes the best bathroom vanities?

No one! This is a marketing lie, there is no "best bathroom vanity" to be had, but it is worthwhile to note that there are a bunch of really well reviewed companies that offer some nice looking vanities for your bathroom.

So what are you after?

Lets make a list:

  1. If you haven't chosen a color, do that right now. (don't forget both the vanity top and cabinet)
  2. Style of your Bath vanity: modern, transitional, traditional? Floating?
  3. Measure your space, get the right size, I'll wait. Shop by vanity size
  4. Number of sinks for the bathroom vanity? Single sink or double sink? Easy enough.
  5. Sink type? Counter top or inset for more counter top space?
  6. Have you checked with your significant other about storage space?
  7. How much does he/she need? Go do that.
  8. You also need to put together a shortlist for faucet styles, and hardware. (bronze, steel mate black? Believe it or not, if you've put together your list based on what I mentioned above, you're about 70% there.

Next: Who has got the best deals on bathroom vanities? Home Depot, Pottery Barn and,

Look, they all pretty much come from the same place. - A factory. So let's go with a small business shall we? Because buying from Amazon will only make Jeff Bezos' stock options inch up higher, and that guy does not need any more billions does he?

Let's buy from a small bathroom vanity retailer or home improvement store so that they'll be able to afford braces for their kids, put food on the table or pay the rent.

By the way, they give much better customer service! They have too.

Next is budget: Where can I buy an inexpensive bathroom vanity? Why waste money? Look for an inexpensive vanity that fits your budget and the second you find the perfect one, ask for a deal!

Yes you can do that!

So many people just assume that they have to wait for Black Friday sales, here's a tip: There is no such thing as bathroom vanities on sale! The purpose for "sales" is to just move inventory, there is very rarely a case when a product is actually "on sale" due to any other reason other than that the owners need...well.. more..sales.

So do this: pick out your vanity and simply email the company something like this:

Dear Sir,

I came across this nice bath vanity that has everything I need. I think it's important to shop locally (or with small businesses) so I chose your company over the bog box retailers (get them to like you)

The price is ##### But I would like to offer #### instead.

Please let me know if this works for you and I will buy it today (they like quick sales)

Sincerely, Your name


Since no one does that, they will be shocked and happy and will probably love you and give you the deal you are looking for, or look for something similar in your price range.

Everyone wins.

Whew, that was exhausting!

Install your beautiful new bathroom vanity.

Thought we were done? Nope.

So once the vanity is unwrapped and ready to install, I went ahead and put together a 14 point checklist on what to remember in order to get that vanity set up right.

  1. Double check the measurements and make sure that you won't have to re-route the water supply, if you do, you'll need to call a plumber.
  2. Turn off the water source Use a utility knife to cut off the seal from between the old bathroom vanity and the wall.
  3. Loosen the water valves. Use a chisel and hammer to tap off the vanity top from the cabinet.
  4. Mark the height of the new bathroom vanity in three different places. Mark the width. Draw a rough outline for the new vanity. Use a stud-finder to find and mark the wall studs inside the outlined area.
  5. If your new bathroom vanity has a back, measure the distance from the wall holes on the back and cut new holes for the water pipes in the back of your new vanity.
  6. Move the vanity into place along the wall outline, check that it's level. Once leveled, drill a pilot hole on the back of the vanity to the nearest stud.
  7. Use wall anchors to fasten the bath vanity to the wall.
  8. Assemble the sink while it's out, starting with etc faucet and the sink drain.
  9. Once that's done add a thin layer of adhesive to the rim of the vanity.
  10. Place the assembled sink on the vanity top, and press firmly into place (two person job!)
  11. Now reconnect the water pipes and apply a bead of caulk along the back edge against the wall and let dry.


Between the two bathroom essential: bathroom vanities and bathtubs I would say that bathroom vanities really "make the room". So avoid short cuts and try to get that part right. Hopefully these tips helped.



  • Shop by Vanity Size
  • Single Sink Vanities

    Single sink vanities are a great choice for smaller areas and are often used as a accent to complement the larger design.

    Sizes for single bathroom vanities are typically: 24 to 36 but can go as high as 36 to 42 inches

    When shopping for this kind of vanity pay attention to details such as finish, design and accents. A well placed single sink bathroom vanity has the capability of tying a room together perfectly, but details are important. 

  • Double Sink Vanities

    Double Bathroom Vanities On Sale

    Believe it or not, you don’t need a huge bathroom to accommodate a nice double vanity. A well-placed large 60" bathroom vanity in a tight space can be the perfect complement to your bathroom, offering plenty of room to store your necessities while perfectly tying together the entire space. Two sinks are a great plus, reducing conflicts and saving time, also double vanities tend to increase the value of a home's worth.

    Double Vanity Styles: Elegant and classic: With gracefully adorned detail along the edges, a large size traditional vanity will give an upscale, expensive look that will go well with a slipper tub and crystal lighting.

    Modern Flair: Maybe bold clean lines are your thing? Use contrasting colors and a simple look and feel to create that perfect contemporary bathroom.

    Transitional design: This is where traditional and modern meet. Transitional double bathroom vanities come in a variety of styles and colors, and are highly sought after due to the design-flexibly that these vanity can offer. 

  • Floating Vanities

    Shop Bathroom wall mount vanities without legs at the bath vanity experts!

  • Vanity Tops

    We get this question from customer shopping for countertops for bath vanities: How do you care for a Granite top bath vanity?

    Each type of stone has its advantages and disadvantages. Granite is the least course of many of the other standard countertop natural stone tops compared to marble or travertine as an example. It's also a very hard stone and has a very smooth finish. You're not going to see any veins in it like you would in marble.

    It's very easy to care for. The products that I recommend, that I use myself is a Method granite cleaner, which you can find at Target. I believe the big box stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes also carry this product line. Really, a mild soap, dish soap, and water also work beautifully. The important thing about it that you clean it off and that what you really just don't want to do with any type of stone is to allow anything to buildup because over time no matter how durable the stone is, the buildup will breakdown the stone itself.

    The rule of thumb also, you did need to seal any type of natural stone. You're going to need to seal with granite. The recommended sealing timeframes is once every six months. Though at a very minimum, make sure you at least do it once a year.

    Hopefully, this answers some of your questions about granite tops if it's something that you should consider. If you have any questions for us or looking for a particular vanity with a granite top, feel free to contact us:

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Showing 1 - 12 of 535 items

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