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  • Slipper Tubs

    What is a slipper tub?

    Quite simply … it looks like a slipper. Next question? :)

    Rising at one side of the bathtub, slipper tubs offer a nice way to comfortably lean back, lounge and relax during your bath. They are also a stylish and beautiful centerpiece to your bathroom.

    Slipper bathtubs were first introduced during the Victorian age and were made of enamel-covered porcelain and steel. There are double-slipper tubs with both sides rising up and single slipper tubs with one side rising up.

    The beauty of these elegant-looking bathtubs is that you can place them virtually anywhere! Slipper tubs come both with clawfeet and for a more modern look without - resting directly on the floor.

    Vintage, modern, and everything in-between these wonderfully adaptive bathroom pieces can work in a number of different style settings.

  • Clawfoot Tubs

    Clawfoot Tubs: Giving your Bathroom an Old World Feel without the Cost!

    clawfoot bathtub will instantly give your bathroom a classic vintage flair. This type of bathtub, with famous curvaceous form and solid stout feet, is the perfect centerpiece for a Victorian-inspired bathroom. One need not break the bank to purchase an antique bathtub made of expensive cast iron and coated with porcelain to create the look. For a fraction of the price, freestanding clawfoot bathtubs are just as charming as their historic counterparts.

    Innovation in bathtub manufacturing has turned this lavish bathroom fixture into an affordable piece of luxury that is adaptable to most bathroom spaces. Acrylic clawfoot bathtubs are also available and guarantee a lighter weight feature, as opposed to antique cast iron tubs, without sacrificing durability and of course, style.

    There are several other kinds of tubs to choose from. First, there’s the traditional roll rim tub, which is modeled after the cast iron tubs. Then, there’s the slipper tub, which has high back construction for a comfortable seat. Another type would be the double-ended tub, which has each side rounded and comes with a side-mounting faucet. On the other hand, the double-ended slipper tub has higher back construction. Lastly, the pedestal tub, which is more art deco, sits on its base instead of feet.

    Regardless of which type you choose, you’ll save tons of money when you go for a modern style as opposed to an antique. To accentuate your vintage-themed bathroom, play around with the aesthetics of your tub and get inspired to embellish its surroundings to create a cohesive old world look. Visit flea markets and scour through salvage shops for porcelain fixtures and Victorian items. Another piece to match the bathtub would be your vanity. Vanities with carved legs will perfectly complement your bathtub.

  • Whirlpool Tubs

    Whirlpool bath Water jets, Air jets do I need them?

    Yes, you do! But first .. what’s the difference??

    Water jets: suck water in from the tub, run it through a pump and push it out with enormous pressure. Whirlpool tubs are used for physical therapy and muscle sprains, BJJ enthusiast? This one’s for you! OSS

    Air jets: push compressed air into the bathtub giving a slightly gentler massage-like experience. The heated bubbles are ‘fixed’ and cannot be controlled like whirlpool jest.

    Jet placement:

    Air or water jets are placed in many different areas of the tub, much depends on where you by the tub and from whom.

    There are a number of great models so don’t rest until you find something that suits you perfectly.

    Things to ask before you make your purchase:

    - Will I need to change my bathroom layout or will the tub fit in the space that I have?

    - Will I need to alter the wiring in my bathroom?

    - Is my floor solid enough for the weight of the tub?

    - Is my door wide enough for the tub to fit through?

  • Freestanding Tubs
  • Walk in Tubs

    How does a walk-in tub work?

    These ingenious bathtubs are made with watertight doors that allows the bather to step into the bathtub rather than dangerously stepping over a wet surface and into the water. The tub fills water and after the bath, drains, allowing the bather to safely open the door and exit the bath.

    The beauty of these bathtubs is that the door opens wide enough to allow for easy transfer from a wheelchair to a comfortable walk-in tub seat. 70 to 80% of falls occur in the bathroom and roughly one-third of adults over the age of 60 have reported at least one fall per year. Walk-in tubs provide a number of features that prevent falls such as non-slip floors, handrails, specially designed seating and a low step for entering the tub.

  • Drop in Tubs
  • Alcove Tubs